Sep 2, 2009

Rob Pattinson: 'Fame Is Wrecking My Life'

British born Twilight series phenomenon Rob Pattinson recently spoke with Premier magazine on how he feels about all of the attention surrounding him. In a new interview with Premiere magazine, he says "I haven't found one place in the world yet where I could disappear. Even the most remote places I can imagine, someone will ask me for a picture with them or an autograph. Honestly, I didn't think that I would be recognized so easily. The most embarrassing is when friends ask you to meet up with them and you have to tell them, 'Sorry I can't go to that place' because you're fully aware photographers will be waiting for you there. I feel like such a weasel when things like that happen - like the world has to revolve around me."

Pattinson also fears fame is making him paranoid. He adds, "I have to look over my shoulder all the time, be super vigilant because, at any moment, someone could be filming or recording what I'm saying."

Robert Pattinson came to fame through his vampire character Edward Cullen, which he will soon reprise on the second installment of the series, "New Moon".

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