Sep 8, 2009

Mickey Rourke - Say What??

Mickey Rourke leaving Mahiki night club at 3.30am with a new lady
Mickey Rourke is seen here leaving Mahiki night club in Mayfair, London, Tuesday morning with a new blonde lady via the back door of the club. Mickey had a joke with the paps, saying "Let me get my grandmother into the car". when the lady was clearly much younger than him. Mickey had been inside the club with fellow celeb Pixie Lott for her Album Launch party.

Why ladies?? Just, why Mickey? This very young woman pictured is obviously strikingly beautiful (notice her green eyes), so you would think she could do better. Oh well, Mickey must be like Mick Jagger who gets all the beautiful ladies despite his small stature and weathered looks.

1 comment:

  1. Mickey should've never had plastic surgery, it totally messed his face up. Is he super rich or something (I know he's been in films)?