Sep 8, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Looking Ragged After Missing a Flight

Lindsay Lohan looks tired as she flies out with her sister Ali, LALindsay Lohan looks tired as she flies out with her sister Ali Lohan, LA

Fishlips, or rather Lindsay Lohan, gets into her car on Monday after missing a flight out of Los Angeles. Snapped wearing a trendy hat and revealing jumpsuit, the wannabe starlet was on a trip with her mini-me Ali Lohan.

Now we are not one to bash celebrities, but comon, how old is Lindsay Lohan? The washed up Disney star is 23 years old, yet looks a fresh 40. She needs to eat better, get some rest and stop drinking energy drinks.


  1. i agree with you, she looks very vcery old. geez is that what will happen when i turn 23 (I am 22). her sister ali looks old too.

  2. Shawnee, she looks old because she's on crack and who knows how many other drugs. She didn't get this way drinking a hearty glass of wine with dinner. If you don't make stupid decisions, you will look good.