Sep 8, 2009

Lady Gaga in Berlin, Preps for VMAs

Somehow Lady Gaga found time in her busy performance and appearance schedule to attend the Monster Cable Party in Berlin, Germany on Monday evening. Donning another one of her fashionable expressions, well fashionable to her, Lady Gaga just wrapped up her performances at many small arenas in Europe and Asia. Jetsetter Gaga is now preparing for her high impact and artistic performance for the 2009 MTV VMA Awards on September 13. In multiple interviews Gaga shares that she wants to continue to raise the bar for herself and to really entertain the crowd, all while expressing herself in her own unique way.

What do you think of her fashion? Is it fashion foward or fashion fau paux? I think the oddest of all her costumes was the Hermit the Frog jacket. Oh well, absolutely lovin her song "Papparazzi" though the video is a little odd!

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