Sep 9, 2009

Katherine Heigl Adopting a Girl!

Katherine Heigl adopting adoption girl korea nayleigh
Katherine Heigl is adopting a baby! Grey's Anatomy actress Heigl and husband Josh Kelley have wanted a baby for a long time, the source said, and the adoption process has been in the works for at least six months. The baby is from Korea, her given name is Nayleigh and her nickname will be Leigh, and she is approximately 10 months old. “She is thrilled,” a source close to the couple told news sources. “She and Josh are so happy.”

Heigl recently hosted a baby shower for her Grey’s co-star Ellen Pompeo. Heigl is currently on a leave of absence from Grey’s and starts filming the big-screen feature "Life As We Know It" next week.

Congrats! We are curious though why she is adopting, can she not have children, or maybe because she's an actress she doesn't want to mess her body up?

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