Sep 1, 2009

Courteney Cox Quote - "I am a Cougar!"

In a brief interview with People Magazine, Courteney Cox shared that she really does not mind being called by a cougar, even by her own husband! Beauty Courteney (45), married to funny man David Arquette (37), tells People, “I am a cougar! I don’t take offense to the word. David’s much younger than me and he loves older women. I mean, why not date someone younger if you can?”

Courtney's hubby David was quick to add that (Courtney) “She keeps saying that, but I’m too old to be considered cougar bait!” Arquette said with a laugh. “I’m a little concerned. I’d have to be in my mid-20s for this to be a cougar thing. I really fall in the middle, so for me it’s kind of sad.”

You can catch the season premier of "Cougar Town" on September 23 on ABC.

Factoid: So what is a cougar? In general, it is a woman over 40 who dates younger men. Women in their 30s doing the same thing are now called puma's. How funny!

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