Aug 28, 2009

Who is Hayley Wood

So who is Hayley Wood, the woman who reportedly ended a relationship with DJ AM Adam Goldstein prior to Adam's unfortunate death. Hayley, who began dating DJ AM in January 2009, is mostly known for her print work with American Apparel. She is 22 years old (DJ AM was 36) and is from California. More information to come as it is available!.


  1. Hayley Wood is beautiful, she reminds me of a fairy or something along that genre. I've seen her dance alongside AM while he would spin and they seemed like a trippy Lennon and Ono couple, otherworldly. Her comments given during Adam's memorial were very sweet and heartbreaking. They complimented each other in a special kind of way, regardless of the age.

  2. I totally agree with Shawne! DJ AM will be missed.