Aug 28, 2009

Singer JoJo Supports Gay Rights

What started out singer/actress JoJo (Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque) sharing her thoughts on twitter, ended up as her defending herself to other Twitter users as one user accused her of not supporting gay rights.

JoJo had first tweeted "Often I wonder why God chose to cover and keep me through so many things. He loves me in spite of myself". A now removed Twitter user apparently began bashing JoJo and accusing her of not supporting gay rights. JoJo responded, "rights. YOU DONT KNOW ME. And for that matter I AM NOT CATHOLIC. I live in MA and am VERY proud of my state for the ground we have broken to defend gay and lesbian rights. i believe that everyone should have the same rights regardless of ANY FACTOR. How dare you relate my having faith in God to not supporting gay rights? Do NOT try and put words in my mouth. I love EVERYONE equally and have many gay friends."

You go JoJo! There are many people who are quick to judge something just because JoJo decided to use the word "God" in her posting. SFWGossip see's her original posting as JoJo sharing with others that she feels her God protects her and she appreciates it. In the end, SFWGossip is happy to see JoJo defend herself accordingly!

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