Aug 25, 2009

Lindsay Lohan's Neighbor's Want Her Gone!

As many people have now heard, this past weekend poor Lindsay Lohan had a break-in at her house.
In an interview with, one neighbor stated “The truth is that this is a very quiet neighborhood and there have been no break-ins apart from at Lindsay Lohan’s house. Since she moved in last November it has been a nightmare with all the paparazzi parking in our driveways waiting for her.” Her media-loving father Michael Lohan of course had something to say to the paparazzi, as Michael told Radaronline “This is a really narrow and winding street and I’m amazed there has not been a more serious accident,” the neighbor added. “I’ve got nothing personal against her but she needs to find a home in a gated community with security at the main gate because all the residents are fed-up with the situation.”
I feel a little bad for normal people whose lives are changed because of who they live by. Of course, if these people are living in multi-million dollar homes, so I think they could easily find a home elsewhere. Home is home though and something like this should spark Lindsay to consider moving to an enclave comfortable with the celebrity lifestyle.

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