Aug 30, 2009

Is the Media Exploiting Jon Gosselin?

Jon Gosselin is set to appear on Good Morning America this week to publicly speak about his side of all the Gosselin family drama in recent weeks. When asked if The Learning Channel is causing the havoc in his life, Jon responded, "I'm not saying TLC is exploiting my children. But I do believe the media and tabloids covering my family and the show for their own financial gain are the ones exploiting them." Jon is quick to acknowledge the financial stability that Jon and Kate Plus 8 has brought the family: "I have said on numerous occasions TLC has afforded my kids a better life and has helped provide a better roof on their heads."

Reguardless of what he thinks of the media, he sure loves the attention based on the picture snapped of Jon this weekend in Las Vegas while hosting a party at the MGM Grand.

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